Why But Not How

Thank you to my readers and viewers! Your support is greatly appreciated.

When I started this blog, I believed I would publish one piece and then talk about it. I would go behind the scenes and describe how I created it. Instead, I’ve limited the blog to publishing the piece but not the process behind its creation. I’ll probably do the same in the future with limited explanations. Hope you’ll understand why.


Process in a nutshell:

Passion is the main ingredient; along with it is curiosity and exploration.

A picture tells a thousand words. I love words, therefore, I LOVE pictures.

Best days: “Pack my gear up and off I go somwhere shooting”.

I use my camera as a tool to represent the idea or the story.

I’d like to tell a different story, either in pictures, or in pictures and words. I would tell a story about the passion of making the image; I’d tell the story behind the person being featured or WHY the subject is featured.

Why is this the subject? Why is it important to the story? There! That seems important.

Alright. I haven’t kept my initial promise as far as elaborating and I’d like to fix things. Here’s my proposition:

Should you have any questions on the HOW of my pieces (limited to TWO only) please send me an email or a comment. You may have questions about the WHY aformentioned.  I’ll be happy to answer*. Thanks.

Looking forward to seeing you again.

© roxana gheorghe

* Your question is important. However, my answer might be delayed. Limited to two pieces altogehter, please.

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I believe it is important keep your voice. When I lose it, I work hard to find my way back to the center, which in turn, opens doors onto new paths. I follow my passion.

Photography is a beautiful road I’ve been walking on with great humility. As a photographer, I like to use my camera to unravel the beauty and mystery of details. As a storyteller, I like to touch your hearts. Painting and mixed media unleashed new possibilities of expression.

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