Power and Peace

They’re times of war

Social unrest

Gunman’s distress

Suicidal bomber?


No money?

No jobs around?!

Build some!

What’s that?

Try school

Try book

Try paper and pen

Or good food

To cook

Be a craftsman.

Are you the first?


Others will follow.

Nobody’s likes?

Stop the dislikes!

Find loving friends

Knock at the doors.


© roxana gheorghe

Why break them down

The build-up barriers?

If you’re outside

Step up inside.

Is this the enemy

Or a newcomer?

Are you the power?

Then who’s under?

Want better world?

Sure but for whom?!

Take up some action

Go with compassion

Go Dalai Lama!

Hard to accomplish?

I bet!

THAT IS your power

And not your anger.

Now fight!!

Fight again!

Fight twice

For peace.

Fight for your power.

Power and Peace is a poem addressing these days’ turmoil: gunshots, bomb attacks, policemen shut, terrorist attacks, military coups, Iraq, etc.


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