Street Photography In Ten Images

Press the Play button to listen to the street. Enjoy!

© roxana gheorghe

Street Photography Coney Island 2016 - Woman Sleeping At A RestaStreet Photography Times Square 2016 - Waiting For The LightStreet Boy Looking Man Levitating Venice Beach 2016Street Photography Chinatown Los Angeles - Woman with UmbrellaStreet Times Square Woman Red Shirt Scared L&S 2016Street Photography Santa Cruz Couples Dancing On The Boardwalk7-street-photography-mets-vs-nationals-at-citi-fieldStreet Photography Times Square Man Holding Hand In Womans PockeMan with Phone in Chinatown FlushingStreet Times Square Boy Red Shirt Mom L&S 2016

What are these photos, you might ask? What do they represent? These are the stories that capture ordinary moments of the urban landscape. I used the light and the shadow, vibrant colors, and the form to enhance the experience and bring some drama into the narrative. I included a “street audio” for you to play.

Where did I find them? I traveled from the Eastern Coast, where I currently live to the Western Shore, where I would love to live. It’s sunnier and warmer in Los Angeles than in New York. How much different yet similar experiences have I encountered?! I let you decide. I am grateful to have been able to learn and see so much.

Thank you to those who found an interest in my work, shared a liked it. Wishing you good luck in your endeavors!

Wishing you good luck in your endeavors!

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