The Weekend After The Elections 2016

Fifth Avenue Trump Tower 2016 11 12

Here is a photograph I made the weekend after the Trump’s election. People gathered outside The Trump Tower, while the Police were barricading the streets. I had to walk a couple of blocks to be able to enter Fifth Avenue, as the streets nearby Trump’s residence were blocked by garbage trucks and the police.

I spent a few hours a few evenings and saw that people had something to say about the elections. There were loud protests, not violence. There was frustration, not anger. Even a policeman said to a colleague: “… And THIS is our president we have to protect”.

I was interested in the political context of the image. I believed that was an important moment in our history. Later, I focused on the atmosphere and emotions.

I made the photos with a Leica digital M240, a Leica 28mm Summicrom lens and a Leica flash. 

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