The Psychedelic Garden Of The Lilac

The Psychedelic Garden Of The Lilac is a combination of an old photograph of my grandparents holding me made by my father, a lilac tree at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and another combo made of: a photograph of the old photo photographed next to a lemon; and finally, the photograph re-photographed with my gloved hand and a spoon with sugar.

My grandma used to make fresh lemonade and bring it to us (the family) into the garden. The garden was full of fresh smelling lilacs.

#fineartphotograph #photograph #photographer #emergingartist #layers #roxanagheorghe #colors #grandparents #lilac #lemon #RosioriideVede #BrooklynBotanicGarden #ForestHills #Romania #conceptualphotography

© roxana gheorghe

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