Autumn In Times Square 2016

Autumn In Times Square 2016Autumn In Times Square 2016 is a photograph, a glimpse, a fleeting moment in ordinary people’s lives. Times Square is a popular place to be in New York. You could almost say it never sleeps.

The man in foreground is wearing a patterened coat with an autumn motif. I made this fashion photograph with a Leica digital M camera, a Leica Elmarit 28 mm Aspherical lens and a Leica flash SF 40.

#fineart #art #photograph #artshow #fashionphotograph #TimesSquare #artgallery #fineartphotograph #photographlover #artcollector #artistic #fleetingmoment #people #streetphotography #urbanlandscape #artcollector #roxanagheorghe

© roxana gheorghe

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