I’ve had teachers throughout my photographic career whom I thank for their sharing their knowledge with me and for challenging me to go beyond what I thought possible. In this issue of my blog, I will mention one of my teachers, editor, and friend, David H. Wells.

David has helped me select photographs and challenged me to go beyond the direct output but pursue a coherent body of work instead.

Check David H Wells’s website and work at

Recently, he mentioned my blog in his newsletter as follows:


Roxana Gheorghe is a long-time friend, former student, and a gifted street photographer. In her new blog, she shares her ongoing work and writes BRIEFLY about her images. The drama of the images and the brevity of her text make a great combination.”

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I believe it is important keep your voice. When I lose it, I work hard to find my way back to the center, which in turn, opens doors onto new paths. I follow my passion.

Photography is a beautiful road I’ve been walking on with great humility. As a photographer, I like to use my camera to unravel the beauty and mystery of details. As a storyteller, I like to touch your hearts. Painting and mixed media unleashed new possibilities of expression.

Welcome to my blog. You may share your comments. I'm sure you'll be thoughtful and polite with us.

A warm thank you.

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