Featured Work: Waiting For the Light


Street Photography Times Square 2016 - Waiting For The Light
Street photograph of a woman waiting for the traffic light in Times Square, New York, made on 2016 06 17.
Waiting For The Light

Times Square, NY 2016

Hello and happy Sunday to all!

“Waiting For The Light” made in Times Square in 2016 is a photograph featured with student work on Mr. Chris Giglio’s blog, under the title Subway and Street.

Please visit Chris’ blog and talented students’ work at:


Chris Giglio is a mentor and a teacher at Pratt Institute, where I took classes in Photography. Thanks again, Chris!

Chris helped me with my vision as a photographer. He also pushed me to “get in there”! I was making photos and not getting close enough to my people. Chris would say, “you’re still too far.” Therefore, I got closer and closer until I could see my shadow on my people. 

Enjoy the summer!










© roxana gheorghe


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