Black Panther Poster Photograph of the Black Panther movie poster

I have been working thru new challenges. The first challenge I had was a broken Canon system. I fell down the soaking wet stairs in Romania last summer, and I was carrying my Canon 5D Mark iii and Canon f/4 70-200mm lens. That combo was my system for shooting people portraits I was making that summer.

As soon as I was able to get up and walk, I checked my lens: Boom! Caput. Two halves of the lens were barely hanging together. The camera shutter was working; it clicked. However, when I put another glass on, I discovered a dark band at the bottom of the picture.

Soon, I started to reconstruct my system. I bought a lower quality camera, a Mark ii. It will work for the time being. Its max ISO is 6400 (sensitivity to light: the lower the ISO, the higher the grain in the low-light environment).

This ISO takes me to the second challenge: shooting show scenes in low light. I would need the ISO somewhere in the neighborhood of 50000. I know the camera that has that parameter and more: a Canon EOS 5D Mark iv. It’s expensive and somehow bulky in my hands. I’ll be waiting for the right time and wishing to be able to trade in plus some.

In the meantime, I borrowed cameras now and then, and worked with a Leica M240 (ISO of 6400 again!) and a Leica M10 (high ISO without noise up to about 25000).

We, photographers, want our subjects to look at their best and to capture their “soul.” My intention is for the person to feel proud when she sees the photograph.

You know what happens when you try to print out the noise coming from a low ISO: faded images, low clarity, and no contrast. Yes, you can correct some noise and chromatic aberration in Photoshop and Lightroom. Though, I found the photos looking strange and the people in them unflattering. Therefore, I applied filters instead and made the pics look retro or vintage. They work yet the images can be printed on small size paper only.

Finally, I am revising my first love: the Abstract work. I am printing the Abstracts on paper on my printer; that means I have retried different types of papers and changed them until satisfied.

These have been equipment challenges and trials. Still, I call an accomplishment being able to shoot at all, improvising, even working on my iPhone. I will keep working in the low-light until I am pleased with the result. I am doing the best I can in unexpected circumstances.

The photograph above is made inside a movie theater at twilight (that is, some light available).

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© roxana gheorghe

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